With an eye for design, and experience in the creative industries, Jason likes to tend to the more aesthetic and human features of technology, just as much as the code itself.


SACHI Research Group Logo

The SACHI research group, at the University of St Andrews, presented an open call for a logo to present a unified front to their diverse research efforts. Jason's design won the prize for best student entry.

UIST & ITS Conference Program

UIST and ITS are two of the most respected human computer interaction conferences for researchers in these area. Co-located in St Andrews, a reversible conference program was created giving visitors quick and easy access to everything the events had to offer, while remaining consistent with existing conference branding.

CHI 2013 T-Shirt Competition

Each year CHI, the premier scientific conference for Human Computer Interaction, offers a T-shirt competition to student volunteers. The designs were required to be monochrome and two entries were submitted receiving positive responses from the judges, however a competing proposal was selected.